Links I Love

I’m inspired by many people I’ve met through my life experiences. People who have great perspective on life lessons. People who have helped me become a professional I am and to focus on what I truly believe in. People who have a passion for agriculture and their faith. And people from whom I think you should learn as well. Here are a few of my favorites.


We Can Do All Things – Whitney Kinne writes about her daily walk with God and learning to listen to his callings. – Kelly Rivard touches on challenges she faces in life, lessons she learns along the way, and many random things in between!



Agriculture Proud – Ryan Goodman addresses today’s agricultural issues and topics from the perspective of an agricultural advocate.

Feedyard Foodie – Anne Burkholder own and operates a feedyard in Nebraska. She does an amazing job of explaining agricultural methods and answering common questions about the beef community.

A Colorful Adventure – While Janice Person blogs about a variety of topics, she does a really great job of addressing agricultural topics from a unique perspective that those not involved in agriculture can really relate to.



The Beef Man Bloggeth – Daren Williams blogs about living a healthy lifestyle through incorporating lean beef and physical activity into his daily routine.

Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner – The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association features some of my favorite recipes of all time, along with cooking tips, nutrition information, and more. Definitely a good resource to have on hand. – This is the blog I started and managed when I was with the Missouri Beef Industry Council. A lot of my personal stories and favorite recipes. I’ll probably repost a few stories here, but there are some good resources over there!


COUPONS AND DEALS IN NWMO – This is the website I have built and now manage in my career at The Post in Maryville, Mo. It is the new online component to match our print publication, and it’s hit the ground running since May 1. I’m rather proud.


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