About Kaity

Hello friends! Throughout recent months of life changes, I’ve felt this constant calling to find a platform of my own and share my life lessons. To give you an idea of what to expect, here’s a list of phrases that I’m using to to describe myself. As time goes on, I’ll go more in-depth on each piece, but this should give you a feel for who I am.


I am…

  • God’s faithful servant
  • The farmer’s daughter
  • My husband’s loving wife
  • A sister, aunt, daughter, granddaughter, and cousin
  • Friend and life adviser
  • Mizzou graduate and forever True Tiger
  • Agricultural Journalism major
  • cropped-16864_1177908010294_190157_n.jpgCommunicator and online media nerd
  • The Post‘s Advertising Representative and Online Communications Director

With a…

  • Drive to be a part of something bigger than myself
  • photo4Calling to use my time and talents to touch as many lives as I can
  • Boatload of life lessons gained in a short amount of time
  • Passion for agriculture and the beef community
  • Love for all things grammar, spelling, AP style, resumes, writing, and editing
  • Stress reliever in cleaning and organizing
  • Weight loss success story and learned understanding of nutrition

278So maybe that’s not much. Maybe that’s not out of the ordinary. But it’s me. And maybe it’s not worth writing about. And maybe no one but my mom will read it. But if I can touch one life and make one difference, I’ll know it was all worth it. I do hope you enjoy it, that you leave me feedback, and that you share my posts with those whose lives I can touch.

Thanks for reading,
Kaity Holtman


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