Christmas card, blog style

I loved seeing all the pictures and reading the warm wishes from everyone’s Christmas cards this year. From friends’ growing families to letters outlining the year’s events. Thanks for sharing your moments from 2013. I chose not to send Christmas cards this year, mostly because I simply couldn’t find the time to and didn’t do a good job of planning early. And, like I told many, “eh, we look the same as last year. Just look at that card again!”


But we have had some exciting moments this year, so here’s a brief look into our 2013.

In March I left my job at the Missouri Beef Council to take a new job in advertising sales and online communications for The Post in Maryville, Mo. I welcomed the change of pace and being home with my family more often than I was on the road. In my new role, I began working with businesses in and around Maryville, building relationships with them and helping them grow and develop their businesses through our advertising opportunities. Creating a strong online presence including building a new website and engaging with Maryville through social channels. I also immediately began networking through the local Chamber Ambassador program. For those of you who know my love for networking, building communities, growing businesses, and all things “professional development”, you know I am loving this role!

In September, Matt stepped out of his engineering role at Gray Manufacturing (sooner in life than he thought he would) when he was asked to become the new manager of CNC Operations. His company saw him as a rising leader and a real asset to Gray, and thought he was perfect for the role. Since he’s great with people and leads by a good, hardworking example I’m the workplace, he’s really excelling. Plus, he loves working four 10-hour days – more time for hunting this last fall.

Then in December, my boss at The Post purchased the Maryville Daily Forum. I have kept ad sales for The Post and now the Forum, but I’ve also picked up the role of business and agriculture editor and I’m building another new website that will allow us to be the multimedia hub for the local communities. Only a few weeks into this adventure, I’m loving the pace of it all. There is a ton of untapped potential that the previously corporately-owners newspaper couldn’t delve into, but that is my biggest mission.

Throughout the year, we continued to teach eighth-grade religion, Matt served as a volunteer firefighter, and I began to songlead at church. We welcomed a new niece, and Goddaughter, Natalie Kaye Jensen in October, and have proceeded to spoil her the same way we do the rest of our nieces and nephews. Mizzou games, Jefferson basketball games, t-ball games, children’s concerts, junior high games (to watch my oldest niece cheer), family dinners, concerts, mini-vacations, and a whole slew of other things lined our wonderful 2013.

2014 has a lot to live up to, but since I write this post from an airplane so we can celebrate the new year in Arizona with Matt’s grandparents, I think we’re off to a great start! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!


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