Coming full circle


More than nine months ago now, I left a wonderful job smack dab in the middle of Missouri agriculture. I knew it was time to move on to my next phase of life, but there was a lot of soul searching to be done. I made the rookie mistake of trying to make my perfect life plans match God’s plan for me.

In taking my new job with Phil Cobb at The Post meant a lot of changes. Less time traveling around Missouri and flying to other states, meaning more time at home. Now working in an office every day instead of out of my home office. Now selling advertising instead of buying it. Those were the obvious changes to those around me.

But the biggest change for me was taking a step out of Missouri agriculture and the beef community. With years of college completely dedicated to becoming the best agricultural communicator I could be, I suddenly felt wasteful, guilty and skeptical of myself.

But, I enjoyed the job. I began to love the connections and the leadership roles I was taking on in my local community. It wasn’t agriculture, but it was still building relationships with the people around me, which is one of my biggest passions and purposes.

A few months ago, I told my husband “I really feel like if I stick with Phil long term, I’ll get some amazing opportunities. He has big goals and the means to follow through.” I didn’t know what those opportunities might be then, but here I am, coming full circle.

After he bought the Daily Forum just a couple weeks ago, I now serve as the agriculture reporter for our local newspaper. It is my job, and my privilege, to bring national and state agriculture news down to the local level, and to share local news with Nodaway County, where agriculture is a leading industry.

Those connections, skills and interests I gained through my time getting my ag journalism degree and working in the beef community are not wasted. In fact, I feel incredibly proud to take what may seem to be distant state and national news down to my local community where I invest my time and passion. It’s a good feeling to see God’s plan play out in such an “everything happens for a reason” way.


One thought on “Coming full circle

  1. Your an amazing young woman Miss. Kaity, I for one will look forward to your posts and seeing where God takes you! God bless your journey!

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